Redesign is fun

Redesign- Trapper hat with Siren

Take for instance one old sweater, and old furcoat from your mom or grandmother, some pieces of leftover fabric and your own inspiration!

Make your own pattern, buy one or check out the net for some

 free downloading sites.

Redesign is popular

Check out all these items on Youtube and get inspired!

Redesign is good for the Planet

The more you recycle, or reuse an item,

 the less impact your shopping has on the environment. By recycling, you eliminate waste, prolonge each items lifespan and is it definitly a sustainable way of treating your fashion needs!

Want to know more about fashion and sustainability?
Check the link…

Redesign - Trapper hat with Siren

An easy example

Trapper hat

Look her for a free pattern and tutorial: SeeKateSew that's what we did!

Redesign old garments

With one old sweater, an arm from my mom's old furcoat, some scraps of fabric and a sewing machine, the hat was made in a few hours.

The lether ribbons are from an old pair of trousers and the result is quite nice, no?  

Redesign is fun

Inside is also important

Inside the hat we used a golden fabric from an old party-top and lined the top with some quilted cotton for those cold winterdays.

Final touch is the label, which can also be use as a loop should uou need to hang your hat somewhere...













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