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Club Privé

Movement Skolpure

We will create a movement of private people wanting to take responsibility of own consumer-actions.

People will meet on the web, in our Club Privé settings, through Social Medias and share experiences.

Club Privé

Personal encounter and exchange are important parts of the SKOLPURE movement.

Club Privé is a meeting place for people sharing our values, our concern for our children’s future and wanting to make a difference themselves.
A Club Privée is by invitation only, and is organized for minimum 20 people to meet, see and touch some of the products on the site. They will meet representatives from SKOLPURE, ask questions and share experiences with others.

Club Privé will start in Paris, and continue throughout all major cities touched by our customers.
Club Privé will be advertised on the WEB with 1 months notice.

1st Club Privé, Paris October 26th

Saturday October 26th was a big day for everyone involved in Skolpure! We had invited 20 people to join us in the First Club Privé ever!  It was also the official PreLaunch of our website, and we were eager to share our Vision and start spreading our ideas of How to leave behind a healthier Planet.

Most of our collaborators were present, and you will meet them all in our Blog article and in the movie to the left. Just click on the photo and meet Tind Spekemat and their fantastic marinated, cured meat of lamb, meet Bruno Chartier, the Head Chef at La GarçonnièreUrbanCatch and their exquisite items made from fish leather and enjoy the Fashion Defilé with woolen and unique pieces from Hege-e.
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