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– Based on Vitality, Virtue and Value

Our Vision

Leaving behind a healthier heritage for our descendants

Our Mission

An encounter of two cultures, two people; one French and one Norwegian, both
conscious of our planet. They decide to take action and focus on each consumer’s contribution towards a healthier and more sustainable environment. The planet is just a loan; we need to focus on our own actions, now.



Using our commercial experience and business knowledge, we focus on products that give consumers the opportunity to continue living a good life, choosing products of good quality and design, keep up with high fashion, all while being confident that production and distribution of the goods take place in a sustainable manner.


We influence the industries into conducting their business in a way that contributes to a healthier and greener society. We create a movement encouraging each of us to be conscious of our own consumption.


The value of our contribution is an assurance of the prequalification of each product offered on the platform. By choosing our products you can fulfill your own desire to contribute to a sustainable environment.


We are committed to creating a marketplace for products that meet our high ecological and fair trade standards.

We will focus on high quality goods of good design, directed to private consumers

We will create a web-portal with a webshop where manufacturers can present consumer products meeting our standards and are perceived as high quality, natural and ethically sustainable.


Club Privée

We will create a movement of private people wanting to take responsibility of own consumer-actions.
People will meet on the web, in our Club Privé settings, through Social Medias and share experiences.

Personal encounter and exchange are important parts of the SKOLPURE movement.

Club Privé is a meeting place for people sharing our values, our concern for our children’s future and wanting to make a difference themselves.
A Club Privée is by invitation only, and is organized for minimum 20 people to meet, see and touch some of the products on the site. They will meet representatives from SKOLPURE, ask questions and share experiences with others.